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Below is a simple template on how you can apply for the Helper role.

Rules to read before applying:
1. If you forgot to write something DO NOT double post, it will result as instant deny.
2. If you got denied you must wait 1 month before you apply again.
3. You have to be aged 15 years or older to apply for Staff.
4. You must be active on the server for at least 20 days and known by other players and/or Staff.
5. Do not send your applications to staff, they will review it once they'll have time.
6. If you have any history of punishments in the past 30 days, do not apply for staff.
7. Breaking of this rules might result as ban from further posting on our website.

FORMAT: Delete the writing in red and replace with your own answers. Try to use your best grammar and spelling and if English is not your first language then please just try your best. Read over your application a few times before you submit. Good Luck!

In-Game Username:
The name you are know by in Minecraft. Please include all Alts and Aliases.
Discord name:
The name you are known by in Discord.
Remember you must be 15+ to apply - No exceptions.
How long have you been playing on Mortal Arcade?:
An approximate answer is acceptable - Years, Months, Days.
Timezone / Country:
Which country do you live in? What is the Timezone that you use?
In your Timezone, What times are you usually active?:
Which days are you usually active? and generally what times? eg. “I am usually online after school Mon-Fri after 4pm.”
How many hours can you contribute each day to Mortal Arcade?:
This is only an approximation, provide a realistic answer. eg. 1-6 hours per day is realistic, 12hours+ per day is unrealistic.
Which games do you usually play?:
eg. Bedwars, Skywars, Zombies.
Have you donated? If so what rank are you?:
List all of your contributions to the server and state which rank you currently are. Do not lie! We can verify this information easily.
How many staff applications have you made before?
Remember, You must wait 30 days before you re-apply after a denied application. - Breaking this rule will result in an instant rejection.
Do you have any previous experience with moderation on servers?
List all of your relevant experience in server moderation. DO NOT name other servers - This is considered advertising.
Do you understand that this is a difficult role with a lot of pressure?
A simple “Yes I understand” is not enough. Tell us how you will handle the pressure or how you usually handle pressure in your life.
Why should we choose you as staff over somebody else?
What makes you unique? What are your strengths? How will you help Mortal Arcade to grow and How will you ensure that all of your actions will be for the benefit of Mortal Arcade and it’s players?
Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know / is there anything else we should know?
This is your last chance to give us information that we haven’t already asked about and for you to leave a lasting impression….GO!
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